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A Look Into Algorithm-Enhanced Online Bullying

A Look Into Algorithm-Enhanced Online Bullying

By: infotechalive February 21, 2022

We all see that now a days A Look Into Algorithm-Enhanced Online Bullying is very prevalent. Let’s understand the topic. The social media platforms have taken over the lives of all people around the world, even children have not been spared. For various reasons ranging from online education to safety from predators on the street to being in touch with the child while she/he is outdoors, parents do provide smart phones or other such devices to them.

This gives access to online predators to enter the bedroom of the kids and affect their lives. It can be said that they have become more vulnerable indoors than while outside. It is high time now that this online threat needs to be taken seriously. It is not possible to substitute the education of children, after already restricting two valuable years of their childhood forever. So the Big Tech platforms have to take this issue up and work towards finding a sustainable solution.

Online bullying or abuse impacts children adversely and have been seen to be causing depression and even cases of suicides have been documented in many countries. Many countries are coming up with the likes of an Online Security Bill which will be a game changer in the long run. The system in which a platform is run should be regulated and not only the content should be monitored so. There are so many AI-driven recommended search engines which lure unassuming children into the traps of sexual predators and other harmful factors.

The social media platforms are filled with content revolving around little children which the larger population finds very amusing and so these are hugely popular. However, the predators also get access to these and use it to their vile advantage. The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc specify that only adults can make profiles but there are so many 10, 11, 12 year olds who can easily declare false information and get on the platform.

All countries are wary of such harmful tendencies are in the process of formulating rules and regulations to curb this menace. Keep a check at A Look Into Algorithm-Enhanced Online Bullying and follow our content.

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