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Android Security Settings for an Improved Experience

Android Security Settings for an Improved Experience

By: infotechalive May 10, 2022

We have discussed about Android Security Settings for an Improved Experience. Android has some security features which are activated by default and are guarding our phones without our express knowledge. Nevertheless, there are some features which can be activated by the user for a richer experience. Some such features are:

App Permissions

Although it’s a common gossip but Android apps cannot access any phone’s internal data unless it is expressly allowed by the user. Some apps can access your location only till the time you allow and not at all times after Android 11 was launched. Android 12 has much detailed controls than the previous versions.

Play Protect

The native security system of Android, Play Protect, keeps scanning the user’s phone to look for any harmful app and shoots out a warning in case of any impending danger. Unless it is actively disabled, it would keep running. For a double-check, open Security section on the Android settings. The line “Google Play Protect” or “App Security” needs to be clicked on. The gear icon needs to be tapped to make sure the toggles have been activated. The main screen would show an update that the system is active.

Safe Browsing

The default Android browser is Chrome. As long as that’s the case, there would be warnings if any shady site is being opened or something dangerous is being downloaded. The Safe Browsing mode is enabled by default and can also be manually enabled if needed at any point.

Lock Screen Information Visibility

The lock screen feature keeps anyone away from your phone and even the screen notifications can be kept under check. The Privacy section in the Android settings can be opened and Notifications on Lock Screen can be tapped upon. That would allow the user to alter the settings as per requirement.

Smart Lock Feature

This feature lets the users keep their phones unlocked whenever they are in trusted places and locked when not. The “Trusted Places” option in Security section of Android settings would make that possible.

There are many more security features which can be accessed. For further discussions on security features of Android which may or may not affect your app creation process, get in touch with us today!

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