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Apple Tech – How it’s Used in the Industry of Renewable Energy?

Apple Tech – How it’s Used in the Industry of Renewable Energy?

By: infotechalive December 8, 2020

Apple Tech – How it’s Used in the Industry of Renewable Energy? Let’s undetstand the concept. The solutions from Apple are being used at one of the biggest wind turbines in the world now. Vestas is the company which is based out of Aarhus in Denmark. This organization employs more than 25000 staff around the world for building turbines. These generate over 117GW of power which spans across 76 countries. So below is a brief look at how Vestas has incorporated solutions from Apple into its business operations:


During any turbine project, the installation is the part which costs the most. Vestas claims that they save an entire day of crane hire cost and it has got the apps running on Apple solutions to thank for. This leads to real savings in cost which add up to millions of dollars in a year.


Vestas employs over 10000 field service technicians. Their iPhones are packed with apps for maintaining various machines which again helps it in saving more than 400, 000 hours every year. It is all about the efficiency they achieve using the apps.

Warehouse and Factory Operations

The usage of iPads and iPhones all across its facilities ha also enabled the company to enhance its efficiency. By efficient use of the manpower the company is being able to save almost an hour every week which can be used for other functions.

User – Friendly Apps

The main essence of designing enterprise – level apps is that it has to be user – friendly. The tasks have to be simplified by using digital tools available. The apps developed by Vestas used Apple’s Developer SDKs and the SAP Cloud Platform. These apps make use of real – time data. Document and task management, troubleshooting and maintenance, timesheets and various different iOS solutions are very effective tools.

Vestas has a string team of 20 in the Robotic Process Automation development department. RPA is the latest buzz word in the world of tech. The solutions from Apple have the necessary support which is built – in and is useful to the RPA development team at Vestas.

Thus, Apple has a huge role to play in the arena of evolution of the Industry 4.0. Keep following our blogs to know more about Apple Tech .

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