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AS400 – The Most Reliable Framework for Businesses

AS400 – The Most Reliable Framework for Businesses

By: infotechalive October 20, 2022

IBM iSeries AS400 came in the year 1988 and since then many systems have made their debut and wrapped up too. Many people opine that it is a system of the past but there are string arguments against that. The dynamic nature of this system is what makes a formidable choice when compared with other frameworks.

Security is one aspect that makes AS400 a popular pick. Business modernization can be undertaken in a much easier manner due to the sturdy hardware, agile software and data robustness of this framework.

System Compatibility

The ERP is run on Technology Independent Machine Interface or TIMI. There’s an independent platform instruction set architecture, aka ISA. When combined with the native machine language instructions, this architecture becomes an invincible choice. The platform uses its capacity to convert the current processor architecture without changing to the application. The slight comparisons among the systems can be pointed out as below:


It’s a package. Huge target programs are present for concrete problems.


Made up of multiple small apps, devices and other features that help in achieving specific tasks. This interlinked set up gets the bigger things done.


It’s a stable system that runs foolproof operations and is also accompanied with efficient documentation. The structure is not too big and there is no need for linking devices together for being useful.

AS400 Features

  • The IBM updates being a constant addition, the compatibility score is quite high to match the dynamic technology upgrades
  • Native and open-source languages such as Java, PHP, C++ andothers are also supported
  • Modernization option is also available with minimum risk involved. Legacy systems can be moved to the cloud easily
  • The high levels of redundancy and reliability is a huge benefit for many businesses

ERP integration experts are a good choice when employing IBM iSeries AS400 systems. Optimal functioning levels can be reached with professionals in place.

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