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Automation is Here and It’s Here to Stay On

Automation is Here and It’s Here to Stay On

By: infotechalive July 30, 2022

IT automation is the latest trend in the field. Many companies believe automation to be the destination and they could not be further from the truth. Automation is the guide to reach the destination, not the destination in itself!

Most organizations do not have the clue so as to how they would use the benefits of automation and are just flowing with the trend. Asking some questions is of primary importance:

  • What is the value of the task that you have in hand?
  • Does the task require repetitive efforts from your end?
  • What are you missing on while spending time on this?
  • What is the more challenging or interesting task that you would do if not held back by this?

After getting responses to the above questions, you can categorize the answers in the following parameters:

  • Efficiency – The things that can be done in a better way
  • Productivity – More of those better things can be done
  • Optmization – Scope for improvement and innovation

Then the statement would sound somewhat like, “We can make X more efficient so that it would assist us in getting to Y.” That way the goal and path are defined well in advance.

Automation and Orchestration

Although both the terms seem to be the same but there is indeed some difference. Automation is a task-focused job which involves individual steps which can be automated. Orchestration deals with sequencing these automated tasks. It is essentially the mapping of the process which executes and translates the process into steps.

This distinction becomes important in building the roadmap for the automation journey that you are about to embark upon. This approach helps in keeping the work to controllable efforts. The step-by-step map makes the journey easier.

Automation is definitely good and it becomes much better with orchestration. When the destination and the path are well-defined, only then can the entire effort prove to be an efficient one.

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