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Coding Resources and Tools which would Benefit Beginners

Coding Resources and Tools which would Benefit Beginners

By: infotechalive March 12, 2021

Coding Resources and Tools of coding for Beginners

The rate of evolution in technology is extremely fast – paced. Keeping up is a challenge but is also necessary for beginners. Some of those are:


It is an online platform and anybody can create and upload courses on any topics possible. Cooking to coding resources is the variety of course options available in this platform. There are courses for beginners and advanced levels of individuals as well. Programming courses on almost all languages and frameworks are available on this platform.


There are various interactive challenges and various free courses available on this.


Actual college professors teach on this platform. It also has options for beginners to start learning coding. Videos of lectures, tasks and quizzes are available for students to test their knowledge.

LinkedIn Learning

This is also a great option for people who are on a quest to learn new skills. Web development and other technical skills are imparted as well.


This provides different computer science courses like Python, front – end development and blockchain. There are 31 courses from which individuals can choose from. These vary from design to medicine.

GA Dash

The projects are mostly focused on helping out beginners and include HTML/CSS along with JavaScript. Slideshows are combined interactive learning where the coder can do her/his job online as an editor and the results can be viewed instantly.


This has different classes online which teach JavaScript. There are instructions available as well on specific libraries like Angular.js, Ember.js and jQuery.

Programming for Non – Programmers

The One Month team states that this beginners course will teach the “speak geek” lingo! The basics of web development are covered under this. Project managers and entrepreneurs can benefit highly from this.

There is a world of treasure awaiting the programming and tech beginners. All that is needed is a careful consideration of all available options and take the right pick suitable for the specific individual and her/his needs in terms of their careers.

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