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Elimination of the Top Compatibility Issues on the Web

Elimination of the Top Compatibility Issues on the Web

By: infotechalive April 17, 2021

Elimination of the Top Compatibility Issues on the Web

There are few compatibility pain issues for web developers which are currently being worked upon by Google. Those include, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, Position : Sticky, Aspect – Ratio and CSS Transforms. Google has teamed up with other browser providers and partners to solve these.

The Background

Developers have always faced the issue of compatibility on the web. This project of rectification, undertaken by Google and its partners like Mozilla and Microsoft deals with learning more about the most bothering pain points. Google’s Developer Satisfaction work is connected with this initiative. It was started off on a much bigger scale after the formation of the MDN DNA surveys which were carried out in 2019 and 2020.The 2021 goal aims to eliminate the compatibility problems so that developers can use the platforms confidently.

The Focus Areas

There are various browser compatibility issues in all the web platforms but this project focuses on the most disturbing ones which have the scope of being made much better. The areas of priority are:

  • Feature Usage
  • Number of Bugs
  • Survey Results
  • Test Results

CSS Flexbox

It is used widely on the web and there are many issues faced as well. Like both Chromium and WebKit have issues with ‘auto – height’ flex containers which cause the images to be sized in an incorrect manner.

CSS Grid

It is a crucial building block for the current day web layouts. It has replaced the old techniques. However, with its growth it also needs to have a strong base so that separate browsers never become a cause to avoid it.

CSS Position: Sticky

Although it is supported in all browsers, there are few use cases where it does not work as per requirement. That leads to results which become inconsistent across browsers.

CSS Aspect – Ratio

This property makes it easy to have a consistent width to height ratio in terms of its elements. It nullifies the need of using the padding – top hack.

CSS Transforms

This has been around for quite some time but still there are issues faced on it, mostly in animations and 3D transforms.

It can be hoped that suitable solutions can be reached on the above issues soon.

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