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Ensure Customer Loyalty with Salesforce

Ensure Customer Loyalty with Salesforce

By: infotechalive September 29, 2022

How to Build Customer Loyalty with Salesforce?

Retail customer loyalty is a tough nut to crack but once it’s achieved, it reaps benefits long-term. Delivering quality and effective products is not sufficient for retailers to prosper where customers expect personalized experiences at every stage. Implementing operational programs and processes swiftly is essential for ensuring customer loyalty. A delightful experience from the very first interaction leads to loyalty and growth. Tools like Salesforce are doing just that in the current market scenario. Retaining older customers is definitely cheaper than acquiring newer ones.

Analytical Measurement of Customer Experience

Both quantitative and qualitative analysis is possible with Salesforce. Simple surveys, customer interviews, secret shopper scores, etc go a long way However, a data-driven approach is far more secure. Salesforce CRM and surveys are vital to eastablish data integrity.

Streamlined Customer Experience

Customers, especially the younger generation, are always interested to engage with companies more and more before and after making their purchase. Product research through reviews, exploring options, ordering products, returning purchases and acquiring accurate shipping details; all come under the purview of assuring a seamless customer experience. Salesforce has all the tools to ensure these activities are run smoothly. The Customer 360 platform is gathering significant prominence as it contains a host of integration-ready and customizable technologies that can store, automate and facilitate customer loyalty.

A Mobile-First Approach

Mobile phones are no longer an afterthought when it comes to creating a marketing campaign. That is one device that customers use the most and a seamless experience on that will ensure a truly memorable experience. That is the reason more and more B2B and B2C retailers are moving to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Implementing a Loyalty Program

There are multiple forms in which loyalty programs can be generated. Discounts, easier product access, member-special services, simple product return and more techniques can be used. Although just having a loyalty program does not assure success.

A clear Salesforce strategy is crucial as well to get the most out of the product. Loyalty is much bigger than just deriving data. An efficient consultant goes a long way to mark a clear path.

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