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How CSS Grids Layout Module Makes Designer Work Easier?

How CSS Grids Layout Module Makes Designer Work Easier?

By: infotechalive April 6, 2018

CSS grids are very useful for creating expressive web designs. It helps in providing a proper structure to the site. Web developers use grid while working online. It makes their work easier and better than before. Though the help of browser is really difficult to get, but still, it gives a distinct structure and form to the website.

CSS grids usually offer the ability to create as well as develop a real grid in which you can easily put relevant content. It is a simple mechanism to distinct the vacant space into several rows and columns. It segregates the possibility of camouflaging, thus, resulting in a clear and apt structure. There are some fundamental terms with which you should be familiar with. They are mentioned below:

  • Grid Lines – Such horizontal and vertical lines are those which segregates the grid to make it look neat. They are present on both sides of the row as well as the column.
  • Grid Track – It is a generic term which is utilized for grid columns and grid rows.
  • Grid Items – The various kinds of elements and contents which are placed in the grid are generally known as grid items.
  • Grid Areas – The space which is used for placing one or more grid items is known as grid areas.

Properties of Grid

Here, we would just give you a glimpse of some intrinsic properties of the CSS grid:


A thing which happens by default is that the grid items tend to stretch to fill in the grid area but the alignment can be changed accordingly. If you have used the Flexbox, you might be aware of the terms like-

  • justify-self
  • justify-items
  • align-self
  • align-items

Automatic Placement

You can place the grid items in the vacant grid areas in the grid container by the usage of grid-auto-flow-property.

Z Axis

Several grid items tend to overlap each other with the excessive usage of the property called alignment. In this case, the careful usage of the z-index property can be done in order to ascertain the specific grid items which would be displayed on a certain sequence.

After the setting up of the grid container in a careful manner by using the display property, generally, there are two sides for working with the CSS grids. There are several other procedures to work with them in a more efficient manner. Any process can be used. There are no hard and fast rule for it.

To conclude, it can be said that the CSS grid layout provides lots of advantages in giving a well maintained structure to the website. The only problem is that it is not always simple to make it by using CSS. For this particular reason, some web developers continue to use layouts which are based on table and CSS tables as well. There are a lot of properties that have been mentioned in the post. You should not get confused about it. Just use CSS grid layout and design ecstatic websites for your clients.

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