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Importance of JavaScript for a Website

Importance of JavaScript for a Website

By: infotechalive April 6, 2018

‘JavaScript’ – this particular word is not relatively new to the technical world. However, most of us are having very low or negligible amount of knowledge about such which is a threat, especially if you are related to this technical virtual industry. But fret not, as we are here to discuss about the importance as well as the use and need of JavaScript in terms of a website. Sounds interesting? Then stick to this write up. We bet you will be thanking us later.

JavaScript – All you need to know about

JavaScript is a scripting language which is extensively used in terms of the web pages or sites along with a markup language commonly termed as HTML. Though JavaScript does not abide by the rules of HTML tags, still it is universally used by every web browser. And why so? Cause it allows all the potent content to be implemented in the same webpage accordingly. Hence, from the above mentioned portions, we can say that it is obviously a stand-alone programming language that is extremely essential for a website. This dynamic programming language has been created by Netscape and we can’t be more thankful to them. Aren’t we? Since day by day it is getting much popular worldwide, the Microsoft has already been added this technology to its very own browser and that is Internet Explorer.

Now that we are knowledgeable about JavaScript, let’s discuss about its application along with its usage:

JavaScript makes the static HTML page more interactive as well as attractive. The user friendliness of your webpage is only possible with the proper handling of JavaScript language. Not only does it help in easy navigation of the page, but also assist the designers in terms of guidance along with additional information. You must have seen how beautiful some websites look with visual effects, haven’t you? And afterwards you might have wondered what technology has they used! Well, the special effects as well as visual effects are nothing but due to the proper coding of the JavaScript language.

Since past decade, these programming languages have spread its wings like boom and transpired into the technical industry like a magic. Not only internally, but also its external supports to balance some applications like PDF documents, flash players, running widgets are amazing. In terms of recent technical scenarios there’s simply no space for them who are not using JavaScript programming language for their web page. Hence the growth, functioning as well as handling and designing of such much be static which is undesirable.

Hence it can be stated that the usage of JavaScript is not only bound to the object oriented language, but also to a strategically maintained programming language. It is a standard system with its nature and helps in maintaining all the ramifications of the clients’ browser in lieu of the clients’ server systems.

Hope this article is helpful enough for the growth of your site.

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