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Important Features of WooCommerce for a Websites

Important Features of WooCommerce for a Websites

By: infotechalive April 6, 2018

WooCommerce is an open source word pressplug-in that is available for ecommerce sites. This is the most suitable plug-in for building an ecommerce portal for selling business products online. It provides a structured framework with which you can design and add features to your traditional ecommerce portals. It goes beyond the existing solutions that help designers add their own imagination for creating a successful and an attractive ecommerce platform. It comes with customized features so that the designers get a flexibility to add design miracles to their websites.

It is a user-friendly plug-in that makes it very easy for initial ecommerce owners to create their own designssuccessfully without much difficulty. It is a trusted WordPressplug-inwhich makes it easy for designers to create a portal and manage it and thus it is so widely used.It’s easy and extensible features are the most obvious reason why it is the most widely used ecommerce WordPressplug-in. Some of the useful and extensible features of WooCommerce for a website are:

  • It’s free – Unlike other CMS software, WooCommerce comes with easy to download option. It is a free and open source plug-in that offers extensible and flexible features for ecommerce website design.
  • It is simple – WooCommerce comes with user-friendly features so that the users never face any issue using or applying any feature of WooCommerce to their website. With this, one can design easily and quickly. It is available in Multilanguage for users’ ease of use.
  • It supports customization options – Even though WooCommerce comes with standard design elements for website design, it lets designers enjoy their set of customization elements. With this, one can add their own personal touch to their portals.
  • It helps in analysis – WooCommerceprovidesspecialized analytics tools which helpthe users keep a track over the success of their website. This provides a statistics of total sales, sales per date etc.in a well-structured graph format.
  • It is trusted – WooCommerce is a well-managedplug-in of WordPress and thus, it is termed to be secured for designers and website owners. Atfixed intervals, it undergoes security check-ups to ensure that it’s secure.
  • It is accepted worldwide – WooCommerce is a common WordPressplug-inthat is used and accepted worldwide. Itensures that any ecommerce portal designed with WooCommerce is likely to receive recognition in all parts of the world.
  • It supports multiple user management – When it is an ecommerce platform, the role of each user may differ. WooCommerce lets all of them manage website easily. It allows the owner, user, controller and all others to manage the portal as per their convenience.
  • It supports publishing tools – It is equally suitable for making changes to an existing website because it providespublishing tools. It helps posting product details, post revisions, design innovations etc.
  • It has extended features – Being an open source platform, WooCommerce is not restricted to existing features. Every day, designers introduce new and usefulfeatures ofthis plug-in for making it better.
  • Search engine optimized – WooCommerce is a plug-in that is well-versed with the concept of search engine optimization and thus it helps design a standard website that is equally suitable to rank in search engines. It provides several features for SEO control. It is because of its advanced features that WooCommerce is so widely used for ecommerce platforms and is strongly considered by designers and website owners for their portals.

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