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Is Design Really Helpful for a Website’s SEO?

Is Design Really Helpful for a Website’s SEO?

By: infotechaliveadmin May 4, 2018

One of the majorpurposes of designing any website is its right popularity over internetwhich is only possible if it ranks well on famous search engines. The best way in which any well-designed website can get desirabletraffic is by ranking with the right keywords in the search engines. This makes it very clear that having a well-designed website is not sufficient these days because anadvanced design is no more an assured feature that it is likely to get desirable users online. When a website wants to establish its remarkable identity online, it needs to include effective techniques of search engine optimization. Only when a website is optimized well for search engines,it will be able to obtain ranks online and thus, the desirable users.

It is sad that website owners who are ready to spend a lot of money on high-end design and development elements,simply ignore the very essential search engine optimization for their websites. This is simply because they are unaware about the essence of these effective techniques online. Design and SEO must go hand in hand for overall success. Only SEO never helps,when it is not well combined with design. Here are the reasons why designinga website for SEO is important:

  • Link structure and architecture counts – Surely,homepage is the first page anyone sees on a website but it is important to remember that there is much more on the website. Just like the user,when a search engine crawler gets to your website,it wants to explore all your web pages and thus,it is essential that the right architecture and link connectivity is maintained. This is to make sure that the crawler can crawl each page and provide you the right rank.
  • Optimized content is important – While writing content on a website, we often forget that there must be an optimized content,if we really want to gain rank in search engines. Only the fresh andgenuine content are likely to receive ranks in search engines. It is also essential that it must have the right keywords included for gaining right ranks for the right targeted keywords.
  • Navigation and Sitemap – While designing a website for users, it is often forgotten that the search engine crawlers are equally essential and for them. It is very important to include a well-structuredXML sitemap that acts as a menu for crawler and can help them know everything about the website.
  • Flash and animation – In order to make a website look attractive, designers often add huge flash files and animations, but they forget that this can make the page loading speed of the site slow. This can affect the presence of a website online. This is the key component of SEO-friendly website design. While including images, one need to include Alt image tags for informing crawlers about those images.
  • Site usability – While designing awebsite, it is essential that its usability is taken care of. This includes device-specific design for users’ ease of use. The design should include the right SEO optimization techniques. The websites must have space to include useful tags like Meta description tags, title tags etc. Only when the initial design of awebsiteis developed keeping the strategies of SEO in mind, it is possible for it to target gaining ranks in return for the desirable keywords. This is quite clear that design and SEO are two terms that can never be separated for the overall success of a website online.Thus,whenever you design a website, you must design it as per SEO needs.

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