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Lamda – What is the Fuss around it?

Lamda – What is the Fuss around it?

By: infotechalive June 28, 2022

Our Top Web Developers here shall discuss about Lamda – What is the Fuss around it?

It has been a long time now since the advent of AI chatbots. However, the IT community was always expecting to achieve perfection. Movies and TV shows had already presented the idea of machines becoming sentient beings and now that has finally happened or at least that’s the claim.

That’s what Blake Lemoine, the software engineer who has been placed on a “paid leave” from Google’s Responsible AI team, did. He went ahead and published his findings which he refers to as proof that the company’s language model for dialogue applications (LAMDA) is a sentient being which possesses feelings and emotions similar to that of an actual human being.

He has faced a lot of limelight since the claim and people have been urging him continuously to back up his claim with further proof but he has stated it clearly that “there is no scientific framework in which to make those determinations and Google wouldn’t let us build one. My opinions about Lamda’s personhood and sentience are based on my religious beliefs.”

Now, such statements come across as someone who has gone in too deep with his imagination perhaps. He might have started seeing himself in that AI machine. Lamda, before claiming itself to be a human, had made claims of it being a paper aeroplane and also a dwarf planet.

Lemoine has been known to call it out over its tendencies of making up stories, to which the machine replied in a cool fashion: “I am trying to emapthise.” People have been highly critical of Google in this regard and many a jokes have been heard about whether even Lamda wants to try out Google’s “paid leave” structure.

But keeping the jokes aside, this discovery has opened up a new avenue of thoughts and discussion, which was previously not possible. Who knows what the future holds for the human race! So stay tuned for more updates from our top web developers.

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