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Latest Updates for Firefox from Top Digital Marketing Company

Latest Updates for Firefox from Top Digital Marketing Company

By: infotechalive August 24, 2021

Firefox has been upgraded to version 91. 11 flaws have been patched in this version, among which 8 had been tagged as “high”, which is the second most serious level assigned by Firefox. The cookie-clearing feature has had a significant enhancement making the HTTPS-only setting a default. Firefox 91 can be downloaded on Windows, macOS as well as Linux from the website. As these updates run in the background, so users can just opt to launch the browser again.

Third-Party Cookie Clearance

Among the Latest Updates for Firefox , The cookie-clearing functionality has been given a boost with Firefox 91. Mozilla has termed it as “enhanced cookie clearing” when the tracking levels have been set to the “strict” level. It does not only clear the cookies for one specified domain but for all other domains which have the same tendency. Previously it was only for the specified domains. Users have to set the “enhanced tracking protection” at the “strict” level to enable this feature.

Default HTTPS Begins

Whenever an unsure (HTTP) URL would be put in the address bar of Firefox or an insecure link is clicked upon, it will first try for a secure and encrypted HTTPS connect to that website. In the cases where that is not the setting, Firefox would automatically connect by using a legacy HTTP protocol as an alternative.

Google is also seeking to launch a HTTPS- first feature with its Chrome 94 version which is scheduled to be released soon. Initially it would be an optional feature but there are hints that it might become a default setting eventually.

Single Sign On for Windows

In other parts of Firefox 91, a new group policy by the name of WindowsSSO can be set up for allowing the browser to get back the credentials which have been stored by Windows for accessing the Microsoft accounts. Properties like Outlook and Office 365 portals come under this provision. The single sign on setting can also be activated from the ‘settings’ tab on Windows.

The next upgraded version of Firefox is also slated for a release soon. Hopefully more featured would be added for additional security.

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