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Microsoft Windows 10 Update is Out Now

Microsoft Windows 10 Update is Out Now

By: infotechalive November 26, 2021

There has been announcement from the end of Microsoft about updates on Windows 10 Update . The new version is known as 21H2. Features like security, management and virtualization have been included. The point which was reiterated states that Windows 10 will keep getting support till 2025.

The Update Features

As far as the security issues are concerned, there are changes to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) VPN APIs. It would include the chance to implement common schemes which are web-based. There would also be repeat use of existing protocols.

This version would also support Wi-Fi 6 and that would provide better protection from side channel attacks which often leads to stealing of Wi-Fi passwords and other sensitive information.

It would be possible for users to keep the web traffic in an encrypted manner when working under open or home networks. There would also be security updates for products and features which include Windows AI Platform, Windows Apps, Windows Fundamentals and more.

There have been update features which make it possible o provisioning apps from Azure Virtual Desktop. This way the apps can run like any other local apps. Copy and paste between remote and local apps are also possible. Windows 11 has this function too.

Tool Updates

There have been updated versions of tools which have been released too. Some of those are:

  • Administrative Templates were natively accessible and now can be downloaded and used for populating the policy settings.
  • The Group Policy reference spreadsheet lists the settings for computer and user configurations which have been included in the ADMX files that have been delivered for this version of Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation will be helpful for IT professionals who are interested in the Windows 10 Enterprise for their organization.

There have been more updates which have been implemented. So the above details are related to Microsoft Windows 10 Update .  To get a better understanding of those, you can get in touch with us and see if those can be utilized for your business.

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