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New Google Product – Fuchsia

New Google Product – Fuchsia

By: infotechalive January 11, 2021

Fuchsia from Google – A Possible New Android

It would be a capability oriented project. It is now open for contributions and Google has confirmed that it is open to “high – quality well tested contributions from all.”

Fuchsia would be an open source but Google would still command tight control over it. It would be run on Google’s open source vision terms. Possibly Google’s own contributor base would get hands on it first and the global community would be given on the second instance.

Many experts have pointed towards the possibility that Fuchsia might be the contender to bring down the curtains of Android. This OS often faces various fragmentation and update issues. Fuchsia is a vast work in progress and at this stage it cannot be used for creating actual software products. The project is still shrouded in a lot of mystery but industry experts have already started to make their opinions felt.

As there is much debate still on the final product, so there is still a belief which says that Fuchsia might be a ‘principal engineer retention project’. However, this hypothesis has been clearly discarded by the principal engineer of Google, who happens to be a part of the new Fuchsia governing council.

A Road Map

A technical roadmap of the product insight is also getting prepared. The roadmap would include a driver framework to update the kernels independently, improve filing systems for a better performance and also for expansion of the input pipeline for easy accessibility.

The Google Open Source Blog has stated that Fuchsia is not ready for general development of any product yet or even as a development target but it can be cloned, compiled and also contributed into. It would support a limited set of *64 – based hardware and the emulator can also be used. Developers can download and build the source code by following the starters guide.

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