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Realities Associated with Reaping the Benefits of Cloud

Realities Associated with Reaping the Benefits of Cloud

By: infotechalive January 17, 2022

The pandemic taught us invaluable lessons and identifying the Benefits of Cloud infrastructure was one such. It has been used extensively now, more than ever before, over almost a period of two years now and the pros and cons have also been identified, to a great extent, by now.

An Undeniable Necessity

There have been surveys carried out globally which clearly point out that the overall spending on cloud has increased by many folds. The usage of commercial and public cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure have become indispensible resources for organizations dealing with manufacturing software products. Dynamic features like scalability, flexibility, best environment to develop and launch products make it a hot cake amongst the IT companies.

Expectations and the Realities

Although the scale of investments has improved significantly in the cloud sector but still there is a big gap that is left to be fulfilled. The area of cybersecurity is one where there is a huge scope of using cloud infrastructure as the threats to cybersecurity are rising with every passing day. The IT teams of many companies are not well equipped with staff and skills to face these threats.

Challenges for Cloud Implementation

Various management challenges have sprung up over the period of last 12 months. Organizations have faced and identified multiple issues like lack of technical knowledge and skills in their IT teams. These gaps in knowledge between the managers and IT departments have been adding on to the problems being faced while using different categories of cloud which are private, public and hybrid.

The management and higher level executives are yet to fully grasp the full intensity and  the Benefits of Cloud platform. Thus, there are issues faced when it comes to spending company funds on adequate cloud infrastructure. With time businesses are gathering newer insight about the full potential of cloud and things will only improve with time.

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