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Reasons to Start Getting Excited about Android 13

Reasons to Start Getting Excited about Android 13

By: infotechalive May 10, 2022

Google has already launched the first official beta version of Android 13 updates. The manner in which Android has been created, it is possible to look inside the codes and get an idea of what are being actively developed. Although it’s not guaranteed that these would be included in the final version in the exact same format but it is enough for users to start getting excited for what’s in store and more!

A few hidden reasons to start building up the expectations are:

An Improved Big Screen Experience

The focus on big screen Android computing will take shape with Android 13. It has been a focal point since Android 12 came out. When a user would be operating a tablet or folding phones with Android 13 they would be able to see various elements on separate halves of the screen. Some powerful desktop multitasking options would allow them to access their favourite apps from anywhere and can even be dragged up for creating an on-the-fly-split-screen setup.

A New Category of Devices

Some specific tablet-oriented features might change the way tablets are looked at. A deeper look into Android 13’s code states a new “hub mode” for devices with larger screens. This would make tablets as shared devices upon being docked. Then multiple users can use the tablets to sign up into their personal profiles. It can be expected that a whole new world would open up for Android tablets. It would be highly beneficial for both office and home use purposes.

Smarter Notifications Feature

The early builds point towards a new system where the user can touch and hold any notification to drag and drop it onto another side of the screen. That would create a split-screen between the associated app and what is being currently viewed on the screen. Notifications would be more effective and interactive in this way.

Google I/O conference would start off on May 11th and users can expect many more surprises to roll out then and after till the final Android 13 rollout is initiated.

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