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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Any medium which uses internet, completely or partially, to perform its function can be a tool for online marketing. There are various forms which can be used like online videos, online ads, social media marketing, podcasts and so much more. Traditional marketing tools like magazine ads, billboards, mails are still relevant but the online world has become the major spot where all the action happens.

What is Digital Marketing?

Brands make use of the various online platforms to connect and engage with their audience. One or a combination of multiple forms of digital communication is used to reach out. Any marketing method using digital communication comes under the umbrella of digital marketing.

B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Differences

B2B and B2C are two business models which impacts the digital marketing approach and results. Certain significant differences are:

  • B2B clients take a longer decision making route and so the sales process is much slower than B2C
  • B2B clients demand proper evidence along with logic to adopt the process
  • More than 1 person’s opinion matters in case of B2B clients as opposed to B2C

Digital Marketing Tools

There are various avenues in digital marketing which can be taken up to market a brand online. A few examples are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This combines the art and science of digital marketing as it requires a great deal of research into various techniques and selecting the modes which would be most suitable. A few such factors include-

  • Originality of content
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Quality of the inbound links etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where the online crowd visits to “chill”. This platform proves great to raise brand awareness and website traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are the much popular names where brands choose to market themselves.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing can be undertaken on social media channels and also on web browsers like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The marketers have to pay for their product ad to be featured to the desired audience. There are algorithms fed into the channels which direct the ads to the desired clientele. The results can also be tracked and ROI can be measured from such expenditures by the brands.

Reaching the target audience online is the key in all of the above. Professionals and organizations provide such services and it is always better to make use of one to understand its nuances and utilize it to its fullest potential.