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Graphic & Logo Design

Graphic & Logo Design

Graphic & Logo Design

Companies use graphics to send their message across to their audience in the form of pictures and images and more. The products and services are advertised in a digestible and presentable way. It creates a lasting impact on the minds of the website visitors and builds the identity of the brand as a whole.

Graphic design covers various commercial as well as artistic expressions for any brand. Getting this aspect right is very crucial for the success of any business or website. The basics of graphic design consist of:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Lines
  • Spacing
  • Textures
  • Contrast
  • Balance and more

Types of Graphic Designs

There are various means by which graphics can be designed such as print, animation, motion graphics etc. With the fast changes occurring in the digital world, the periphery of “graphics” has changed. Many years ago, it only covered concepts like magazine prints, hoardings, advertisements and a few more. However, now there are newer horizons added and it keeps increasing, to include variations like:

  • Web Design – Creation of appealing website pages to entice the visitors.
  • User Experience (UX) Design – Easy mobility and navigability within the website to give the visitors a pleasant experience.
  • Motion Graphic Design – Animation gives life to visual elements through special effects.

Logo Design

Logo is a single graphic design piece which holds immense significance for a brand. This is the first mental impression of the brand which gets imprinted in the minds of the audience. The graphic designers carry a big load on their shoulders to create a logo which would not only stand out in the first instance but would leave a mark in the minds as well. Logo also plays an important role in the process of “brand recall”. Logo designing should follow a few simple rules to achieve maximum impact, some of which are:

  • Original Design – Graphic designers should create the logo from scratch to get the feature of distinctness in the output. It should also be relevant to the idea of the brand, besides being the first design of its kind.
  • Simplicity – A great design need not be highly complicated. Simplicity with elegance is what attracts the most attention. If the logo is too cluttered with images or patterns or text then it would lose out on the customer’s attention span.
  • Dynamic – The logo should be at par with the modern times. If the logo design does not hold relevance to the current times then those either need to be discarded altogether for something new or the existing design should be modified.

Thus, graphic designing is an integral part when it comes to a successful business. One cannot be achieved without the other.