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Mobile app Development

Mobile app Development

Mobile app Development

Mobile application development involves the steps and processes which are needed to create the software for functioning on the smaller hand-held devices like smart phones, tablets etc. It is also a part of traditional software development with obvious differences between the two branches.

Mobile apps are created specifically to take the advantage of the handset features present. So, the benefits of apps vary from an iPhone to an Android to a smart watch and more. There are variations in the types of mobile apps as well, which need to be decided before starting the development process. Some of those are listed below:

Native Apps

These are created in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and languages like Apple iOS or Google Android. Required features by the clients can be customized in to these apps and so the production cost also goes higher.

Hybrid Apps

These are the apps acting like web apps. HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used for creating these. These apps cost much lesser and are faster to create as well. However, these are not as rich in terms of features as native apps.

Progressive Web Apps

This happens to be website that has the look and functionalities of a mobile app. Technologies like Facebook React are used for creating these.

Cost Structure of Developing Mobile Apps

The costs involved in development of apps range from next-to-nothing to millions of dollars. The type and use of the ap determines the price. Some such price range which are relevant in mobile app development are:

No-Code App Builders

There are various free tools available online which give the freedom of developing apps without the use of coding capabilities and thus costs are almost non-existant. These are obviously limited in terms of flexibility and usage but most often are enough to meet the internal demands of an organization.

Enterprise Apps

Tools like HoneyCode, Microsoft Power Suite etc. offer drag and drop features for connecting to the data sources and in managing flow of content. Usually it involves a monthly subscription of less than $50.

Complex Apps

These apps need 3D, gaming and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. These apps can hover around $250,000 or even more. This price depends on the availability or the deficiency of skilled developers.

The area of mobile app development stretches much wide and the benefits to reap are widespread too. Only professionals can suggest the best options for businesses and it is always advised to consult with one before the final decision.