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Web Hosting & Email Services

Web Hosting & Email Services

Web Hosting & Email Services

Before any business website goes live, there are multiple decisions which need to be made. Choosing a suitable web and mail services provider is one of those. The options are many in the market but every business needs to decide upon one or multiple according to its size, operations and budget.

Difference Between Web Hosting and Email Hosting

There are many hosting service providers, some provide both web and email and some either of the two. So, it is necessary to have an idea of both the requirements:

Website Hosting – A host which assists a business in opening up its business or organization or an individual to an online website which can be viewed by all the traffic on the web is a web host. A business space would be provided for storing all the files on the web server. Only then will the website go online.

Email Hosting – An email host would provide domain names to businesses for using email services. A mail server does this job.

Web hosting and email hosting are two separate fields and are independent of one another. It is usually beneficial to have a dedicated email host and not a free provider along with a web host. It adds a certain professional touch to the business.

Advantages of Using the Same Host for Both

It is very common for businesses to use the same host for website and email. However, it is not the only option available and businesses can choose to either opt for both or pick any one. The benefits of picking out the same host are:

Seamless Set Up

The same host gives the convenience of not having to worry about two different hosts. The style of operations of the both the services would be even.

Cost Saving

Usually, providers give a combo deal if both services are availed. Two separate providers can increase the costs.

Viable for Small Businesses

For businesses which are just starting off, it definitely saves up for the costs involved. Bigger businesses might consider otherwise but the smaller ones definitely stand to gain from this arrangement.

Challenges like complete shutdown during server failures, reduced space on the same account and some more are also associated with shared hosting. But, as long as saving money is a major concern, using the same service provider is certainly an advantage.