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Simple Link Building Strategies for Local SEO

Simple Link Building Strategies for Local SEO

By: infotechalive November 11, 2022

Infotechalive brings you Simple Link Building Strategies for Local SEO. Consumers always prefer to connect with local businesses. Searches with “near me” has been increasing by 500 percent every year.

What does this mean for digital marketers? If you are hoping to reach the local customers, you have to make sure they find your business online. The business website needs to be augmented to the top of the SERPs so that the content is visible to the customers well. One of the effective ways of doing so is by using the power of link building, especially for local SEO.

What is Link Building for Local SEO?

The process of featuring in other websites and earning links from that site to your own is link building. These are called backlinks and is kind of an validation of a business from another. These are also referred to as inbound links or incoming links. This helps in improving the traffic to your website.

Now, local SEO refers to the backlinks that businesses earn from other relevant local businesses. The goal being chased here is to increase the reach in organic local searches to increase traffic of the local customers.

Why Local Link Building Matters?

The page rank of websites consider backlinks bucket. Higher the number of quality links, better are the chances of securing a better rank. Secondly, it helps in driving the very critical, local traffic to your website. If the appropriate traffic can be targeted, it is more likely that the serious customers will be drawn in. Finally, local SEO has been proven to be useful for building a brand’s visibility in an organic manner. That in turn, improves the business prospects.

Local Link Building Strategies

  • Links from Travel and Local Review Portals-Online reviews from local portals are referred to by a large number of consumers.
  • PR Links-Improve brand awareness by involving in local activities, that can be used to feature in local PR mentions.
  • Local Business Directories-Online directories such as Google Business Profile, Bing, Facebook, etc help in verifying the business’ credentials.

Growth in local markets is imperative for small to medium businesses to go to the next stage. To know more about leveraging the power of local SEO, get in touch with us.

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