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Technology Skills to Learn in 2021 – Website Development

Technology Skills to Learn in 2021 – Website Development

By: infotechalive March 12, 2021

Technology Skills to Grasp in the Year 2021

Often there are times when professionals think about their field of expertise but are not exactly certain about which skills to learn up. There are so many technical skills which these individuals can learn to take the next big leap in their careers. Some of those are:

Artificial Intelligence

The latest craze in the tech world is that of AI. There is also a crossover with machine learning here. The pandemic made AI even more lucrative since the year 2020 hit. Specific areas of expertise like natural language processing (NLP), automated speech recognition (ASR) and automation are high in demand from the companies.

Data Science and Analytics

This is another field which is projected to grow exponentially. Data science is the more advanced level and data analysis is the entry – level work. All the sectors, like education, health, finance and more are in constant need of data crunching on a daily basis to increase their revenues.

Data Visualization

This is the field which helps people to understand the significance of data in a visual representation. When reports are turned into charts or graphs, then the meaning becomes much clearer. This somehow works as a midway between technical and non – technical roles.


In the modern world, when there is a breach of data, then the repercussions are tremendous. It is highly crucial for companies to secure the web activities adequately so as to not lose out in the competition.

Cloud Computing

More and more companies are making their switch from traditional server based models to cloud solutions. Many products are being made in the cloud directly and are switched later.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These are also popularly known as VR and AR. These are more than just a source of entertainment and are being increasingly used in industries like marketing, advertising, healthcare, real estates and more.


It includes every device which can be connected to the internet, in some form or other. Security is also a top concern in this field. COVID – 19 has brought this into the limelight as well.

It is always advised to be updated with the changing times. This always helps in shaping the careers of the enthusiasts.

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