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The Growing Interest in Cloud Computing

The Growing Interest in Cloud Computing

By: infotechalive November 26, 2021

The pandemic is on its way out. It was a period where cloud computing gained mass appeal. It had sort of become a long trend in the IT world and the pace increased after the hit.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have become the launching partners of many a products in the field of technology innovations. All these platforms are ready and have API access. It makes absolute sense that companies do not need to develop and maintain their own data centres. Shifting to cloud got the boost of about 5 years after the pandemic but still shifting to cloud at scale is not easy. This migration means the applications have to be refactored, costs monitoring need to be done, internal training or fresh hiring needs to be undertaken for gaining sufficient cloud expertise and many more.

Companies which use cloud computing, security is a major concern for them. All the three big players in the market have different features of security which increases the risk associated with configuring those. Something which sounds pretty simple like shifting from an on-prem exchange server to one that is hosted by Microsoft has significant challenges involved. There are various materials available to get he requisite information from.

IoT usually demands a big ingestion of data which can be dynamically accommodated by the cloud. Brands like AWS, IBM and Microsoft have IoT cloud offerings which have feature sets that are difficult to be assembled piece by piece on prem.

Cloud will go on to provide a highly resourceful platform for building future products. However, it would never completely stop the use of data centres. The recent boost has been a major one and has made cloud computing stringer than ever before. The scalability options and assortments of new services have made the cloud an irresistible option for future use.

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