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The Link between Web Design and User Experience

The Link between Web Design and User Experience

By: infotechalive August 18, 2020

In the zone of online marketing, web design is one such variable whose benefits cannot be overlooked at all. The User Experience is heavily dependent on this. The fate of the online marketing depends on this experience of the customer. So, why should you focus on the website design structure?

  • It improves the rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • With improved customer experience, the website traffic can be increased
  • The business gains from a positive word – of – mouth marketing
  • All the above features help in increasing the business revenue

So, which are the most essential features to ensure a positive user experience?

Website Appearance

An intriguing and innovative website design is key to render a positive effect on the website visitor. The design has to be simple, crisp yet engaging enough for customers to feel interested. All the latest web designing trends have to be incorporated for giving a positive experience, which include:

  • Attractive images
  • Bright yet soothing colours
  • Mobile – first module
  • Parallax scrolling

The elements which improve the website’s functionality are:


A cluttered website with loads of elements and features just diverts the visitor’s attention and interest. If the visitor does not get her/his hands easily on what they are looking for, soon after visiting the website, then the bounce rate goes up higher. Proper breadcrumbs and dropdown menus need to be in place for a smooth navigation.

Load Time of the Website

Users’ attention is very fickle and so if the website takes longer time than your competitor to load up then you are losing out on a potential customer. Fast loading time is not only necessary for the visitors to stay hooked but it is also a very crucial parameter to rank on Google. By keeping the load time fast, you can ensure a higher number of customers.


The elements which guide the potential customer to make a purchase or an enquiry are very crucial for a website’s success. The web design should be considerate of this navigation path as well.

So, for amazing website design solution, choose only the best designers. For more information, get in touch with us today!

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