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The New Schema Markup Validator Tool

The New Schema Markup Validator Tool

By: infotechalive May 19, 2021

Schema Markup Validator Tool has been Launched

The new schema markup validator tool has come to the market and has been launched by Schema.org. It helps in validating the data on any website which is used for general purposes. Google has its rich results testing tool but this has come as a new offering.

The Reason

The structured data testing tool had been launched by Google in the year 2015 and then came along the rich results testing tool in 2017. After facing some heat in the market Google took the decision of moving the structured data testing tool to Schema.org.

Variations between Google and Schema.org

The rich results testing tool shows only the Google supported structured data schema but the validator tool can be used for more general purposes. Various other structured data types can be debugged by using it.

The rich results tool will still be present on Google’s own site for showing the rich result types. Google would migrate the structured data testing tool from its own domain to schema.org.

The New Validator

The version of this validator tool has been stated to be much simpler than the predecessors. This tool dedicatedly checks if a site is using JSON – LD, RDFa and Microdata in the ways in which these would be widely understood. It would throw a warning if the Schema.org types and properties are being used in any kind of unusual variations. It is aimed to help you in understanding if your data shows what you expect it to show.

Google’s general infrastructure powers this new tool to work with structured data. It has been provided to Schema.org as a Google – hosted tool. These validators are available as both commercial and opensource. It can be expected that the new Schema Markup Validator would be successful in forming collaborations among makers of tools for creating consistent and better experience for developers working on Schema.org data all around the globe.

These new tools give the necessary support to the websites and help in debugging services whenever necessary.

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