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The Why – s of Learning Python

The Why – s of Learning Python

By: infotechalive November 29, 2020

During the initial stages, when developers try to decide upon which language they want to learn, it becomes a stressful process. There are many coders who are considering Learning Python but are not sure about its resonance in the job market.

So to start off with, let us know about this programming language.

What is Python?

It has been operational since 1991 and is object – related. It has been deemed by many as easy to learn and yet it is considered to be very powerful and also a highly progressive language in the world. Beginners and experienced professionals alike can find usage of this language.

Why can you Choose this Language?

It is easy and effective – It is a relatively easier language to start off with during your coding journey. There are various materials available and case studies are available to satisfy your queries. Even advanced developers can keep learning newer things.

Free Materials available Online – All that is required to start writing is available freely. Only a text editor is required to be installed in the developer’s system.

Easier for Reading – There are many indentations which make it comparatively easier to read. It does not have a lot of complicated syntax which requires a lot of time and effort. Project building can be started off almost immediately.

Host of Career Options – Not only are Python developers needed in the web development industry but they are highly aspired in the fields of robotics and data science too.

Uses of Python

Web Development

There are a host of frameworks in Python and that eases the process of building websites. These frameworks also assist in creating reliable, measurable and sustainable web applications.

Extraction of Data

Scraping tools like Selenium allow users to retrieve and gather data from different pages in the web. This feature has a lot of application on different popular social media platforms.


There is a built – in unit called PyUnit which makes sure that the coders will be able to work as they are expected.

Thus, Learning Python is a great tool to add in the load of skills as a developer.

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