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Top Design Principles to Know by Infotechalive

Top Design Principles to Know by Infotechalive

By: infotechalive December 22, 2022

Infotechalive brings you Top Design Principles to follow. The digital-first world is heavily reliant on the user interface (UI). The way we interact on different platforms is heavily influenced by it. Not only daily but it works on a minute-by-minute basis.

The aesthetics of a product, an app or a website, is determined by the UI design. Effective designs make the user’s journey from one screen onto the other extremely convenient.

Design Principles

These are the guidelines for the designer to create a swift, logical, and pleasing experience for the user. The whole experience should be an enjoyable one. Users should be able to grasp, predict, and even control the flow. There are certain rules in this regard that can be followed for best results:

Control to the User

If a vehicle cannot be controlled by the driver, then the whole experience would be a waste. Similarly, the UI design should make the user feel comfortable and in control of the situation. There is a balance that should be struck. Too much or too little of control are both bad situations.

Match the User’s Mental Bandwidth

The human brain has a limited capacity to piece the information around together at one time. The navigation path should not overwhelm the user. The designs should be precise and captivating.

A Neat Presentation

There are many aspects to a UI design. The screen is the designer’s canvas to arrange the elements to tell a digital story. Keeping a neat and organized layout is of primary significance. At the same time, the visual appeal should also be kept intact. The elements that needs to be focused upon should be given their due. There should be ample white space too to make the elements stand out.


The design should be an even one throughout. In this case, being predictable is the key. Visual keys, placed in strategic points can guide the users promptly.

Being able to employ the skills of experienced designers is of great value. Are you looking for any? Get in touch with us today.

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