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Trending Web Design Features – Top Web Designing Company

Trending Web Design Features – Top Web Designing Company

By: infotechalive April 17, 2021

Trending Web Design Features – Top Web Designing Company

With the ghastly 2020 behind us, 2021 has its own fresh challenges. However, web design trends have already been set for the year. Let us have a deeper look into some of those:

Retro Fonts

All old things make a comeback and so have the fonts. Designers are merging the old and new styles, accompanied by stylized and a bit of an artistic approach. The same old fonts felt clichéd. A bit of experimentation has gone down really well to give a modern and cool spin on the old fonts.

Parallax Scroll Animations

This has been used since many years now and the hope is to see a more subtle and creative way of utilizing it. However, this effect should not distract from the actual information, the number of this effect should be kept to a minimum, the amount of parallax movement in each instance should be minimized too.

Scrolling Horizontally

This was considered as a faux pas but it is making a comeback. However, users should not be forced to navigate through horizontal content. Rather, there should be alternate ways like using arrows with clear labels.

3D Visuals

No longer are these considered to be garish distractions. Now these are enhancing the user experience. The impression created is much better with these. The design elements come to life . The Top Web Designing Company like Infotechalive has skilled web developers to deal with it.

Multimedia Features

Combining various means like audio, video, text and visuals improves the user experience immensely. The message should be simple and not too much confusion should be created by using different mediums. Images should carry alt texts. Closed captioning and proper transcripts should be added for all pre – recorded multimedia.

AR Features

Magnificent experiences can be created by using augmented reality (AR). There are various providers who have made it quite easy to make use of this new realm. Users are highly appreciative of this and it makes for a very easy shopping experience.

The world of design always welcomes newer and innovative techniques. There is so much more to explore here!

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