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Twitter’s New “Chirp” Font Introduced

Twitter’s New “Chirp” Font Introduced

By: infotechalive August 24, 2021

Any business, physical or virtual, needs to keep adding newer features to stay ahead in the race. Social media giant Twitter recently introduced a redesigned interface on its mobile and web platform. Here are some ideas about Twitter’s New “Chirp” Font Introduced .

This interface certainly looks lesser cluttered and has improved the accessibility to the platform for its users. Other than the font change, certain subtle changes have also been introduced such as better contrast in colors, removing unnecessary clutter etc. There was news earlier that Twitter would introduce its proprietary new font Chirp. Recently the platform shared the release of the font and other details on its own base.

The alignment of all west language fonts now has a left alignment which would make it easier to read. They have also been careful about keeping the alignment unchanged for other non-western languages. The new modifications would help in the Twitter content stand out better than before.

The “follow” button has had upgrade too. Upon already following a person, the background of the button won’t be filled in and vice versa for the other option. This change is the opposite of the previous design and so the users would have to be careful if they accidentally start unfollowing someone.

What does the Future Behold?

There are talks that Twitter has more changes to implement in its bag. Newer colors would be added to introduce a ‘fresh palette’, as shared by the tech giant. The buttons which have been newly added give a high-contrast look. This feature has also reduced the time taken to find the other buttons that users would like.

The users who make use of the paid Twitter blue subscription service can make certain tweaks in the colors in the app and can also change the icon’s color as per their desire. However, this customizable service has been made available only in Canada and Australia for the iOS users.

Social media platforms need to come up with changes and upgrades as and when the demand arises. Staying relevant and convenient are two most critical factors for success in that business sector.

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