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What does the Future Behold for Enterprise Networking and Security?

What does the Future Behold for Enterprise Networking and Security?

By: infotechalive February 22, 2021

What is the Way Ahead for the Enterprise Networking and Security?

There have been various conferences, seminars, studies which have been conducted worldwide to gauge the future of enterprise networking and security. Some of the results which have come up are:

The Remote Work Culture would Continue

The general trend of companies is not to get all employees moved back to the office work norm at the same time. Many companies have agreed to move either the whole or a part of their workforce as remote workers.

A Challenge to Secure Remote Workforce

The biggest challenge which companies are facing is to ensure the security protocols for remote users. The lack of time and resources needed to implement such changes is the reason for this. The security threat is an issue which has bothered different organizations already during the period of remote working.

Public Cloud Adoption Expected to Rise Higher

When remote work was being organized, the companies which were already using public cloud solutions did better. The transition was easier. It ensures continuity of the business in the long run, irrespective of any turmoil or other pandemic – related emergency.

Focus on SASE Security

The security budgets have been revised the highest during the period of remote work during the pandemic. Not only rising cybercrimes an issue but to ensure increase in productivity is also a massive challenge in the context of remote work. SASE (Service Access Security Edge) is a useful solution in regards to this. The combination of a software – defined wide area network (SD – WAN) with network security services like Cloud Access Security Broker (CSAB) and other relevant partners would create a single cloud – native security service.

Big Players to Expand the SD – WAN, 5G and DC Competence

The big players in the market have not missed out on the growth of networking solutions. Various mega companies are in the process of acquiring smaller but more future – oriented small players. This move enables them to become more future ready.

Much of 2020 was lost in the pandemic scare and it is still quite early into 2021 to identify clearly the exact path of development but newer things are definitely on the way.

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