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What’s Next in Chrome Updates?

What’s Next in Chrome Updates?

By: infotechalive December 8, 2020

Google browser Chrome is still the king when it comes to share in its own domain. Edge by Microsoft or Mozilla’s Firefox do not posses that hold on the market still which might upset Chrome in any significant way. So here we are discussing about latest Chrome Updates.

Google also pays ample attention to the individual users’ intent to the needs of the IT admins to the various competitors and even the open – source allies. Every time Chrome goes for an update it is followed by release – notes which are enterprise oriented, highlighting the newer features that have been added and the deletions which have been made. S, here are some of the probable features which might be offered to the users finally:

A New Permission ‘Chip’

Chrome 88 is set for a release on 19th Jan, 2021. It would have a new permission request which it has referred to as the “chip” in order to segregate it from the pop – up notification. The chip would be less intrusive as per Google. As the prompt would not appear in the area of the content so the users who do not wish to grant any permission do not need to dismiss it immediately.

No More Legacy Browser Add – Ons

The Legacy Browser Support (LBS) add – on has already been removed from the Chrome Web Store. Upon the arrival of the version 88, Google will disable the extension wherever it was installed. It was designed for the IT admins to deploy the browser but still to be able to call up Microsoft Internet Explorer for rendering intranet sites.

URL Structure

The process of rolling out truncated URLs would continue with Chrome 88. This would be helpful in protecting the users from few common phishing techniques. The URL would be shortened, as has been observed in the past as well from Google.

Chrome Updates like Chrome 89 Would Not Work on Very Old PCs

Chrome 89 and the higher versions would require *86 processors which would have SSE3 support, as per Google. It is highly doubtful though that how many pre – 2004 PCs are still being used but exceptions are always there.

Some more changes are lined up and these would impact enterprises on some level or the other. So, keep an eye here to know more.

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