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Why a Mockup is Needed Before Starting a Design or Development

Why a Mockup is Needed Before Starting a Design or Development

By: infotechaliveadmin August 4, 2018

Is designing and development difficult for you? Don’t worry, because you can use essential mockups with which you can get enhanced and effective design framework to build excellent designs. Mockups are prototypes that are used highly for design and development.Mockups can be regarded as a framework that helps you create a perfect combination of design, style and layouts so as to build a perfect looking application. It is not only a beginner developer who depends upon designmockupsbut also expert developers who refer to mockupsin order to make design and development work easy.

What is mockup?

Mockups are the basic models that are the representation of the actual design. It can be used as a prototype to create an effective-looking web application. Mockups can be software or tool that can provide effective design solutions to developers to create an application that is both standardized and attractive.

A mockup is a framework which can provide various elements which can be used and applied for the development of the final design. It can help you depict how the final design will look and what revisions can make it better and enhanced.

What suggestions can mockup provide?

Mockup helps you apply various combinations of design and development elements and constraints to analyse how the final design framework will look. It has several elements and suggestions for developers and these can be:

  • Layout suggestions – It helps you apply several layouts and help you depict how your included information will appear in the final designframework.
  • Contrast suggestions – This can provide you contrast tool with which you can know that which background will fit well with your text.
  • Colour usage suggestions – It provides a wide variety of colour option which can be used to add amazingappearance to your applications.
  • Typography help – This helps you decide the size, font, style and spacing of your text in application.
  • Spacing criteria – This will help you decide how much space you need to have between each word, each sentence and each paragraph to achieve visual symmetry.
  • Navigation visuals – Navigation of a web application can also be decided using thesemockups. These include its pull down and drop down menu, navigation and architecture suggestions.

Why developers prefer mockups?

Those attractive websites and applications that look quite attractiveat the frontend basically have lots of codes and scripts running at its backend. This is the basic with which developers ensurecreating a perfect design that could attract users on online medium. These long scripts are not easy to build and sometimes evenexperiencedand skilled developers look for help. Mockupscan provide them with a helping hand in designinga perfect looking website in an easy possible way.

Mockups provideframeworks to these developers where they can get suggestions for attractive layouts, meaningful design principles, combinations of colours and contrasts, texts and fonts suggestions etc. Picking which, one can create a perfect design that looks to be standard and acceptable as per current design norms.

Why Mock up is necessary for design and development?

  • It helps you try designs – In real development alterations, it can be a little difficult toapply different themes but as mockup comes with easy to use interface, one can try combinations for the application development and then the perfect one can be finally applied for better design.
  • Helps you visualize – Because mockup helps you design a realistic perspective for anapplication, it helps developer in taking easy visual decision making. Being close to real design, it helps you visualize how your final design framework will look like. You can try various combinations to create the most effective design.
  • It helps you design just the best – When you have space for bringing revision to your design using a mockup, you can see what actually looks well for your application. Mockups can help you depict the bigger picture of the final design and develop the final one by providing a structured visual hierarchical process.
  • Helps you save money – When you don’t have any sort of prototype software,you need to experiment everything right on the originaldesign framework which may involve your funds. However, as Mockups let you try everything, this will save your wastage of resources and money.
  • It increases your productivity – When you have frameworks,you can get a variety of design elements which you can apply to your design for bringing the highest functionality.

In short, it is no wrong to say that Mockups are a right way to create effective and accurate design frameworks. It can help even the beginnerdevelopers, using which, they can create an application that can face all the challenges of prevailing competition online. Surely, when a developer takes help of an effective mockup template, they can create a better developed application that is both attractive and follows therecent design norms. It is no wrong to say that when an application is developed using a mockup, it gets capable of attracting desirable users online.

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