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Why Choose PHP7 Over PHP 5.6?

Why Choose PHP7 Over PHP 5.6?

By: infotechalive May 4, 2018

PHP is a common programming language used these days for designing effective and dynamic websites. Hypertext Preprocessor language is a server-side scripting language that runs program on web servers. For its users, PHP keeps on evolving so that it can provide better and advanced features as per the current design trends. And for this, it keeps on launching new versions of PHP for its users.

PHP 5.6 was a version introduced on 28 August 2014 and it was once a commonly used PHP programming language by designers. After a while,new version of PHP launched and this was a better version because PHP introduced this version after proper research and analysis. PHP7 was launched on 1 December 2016. These days, PHP 7 is a commonly used PHP scripting language. PHP decided to move from its 5.6 version to PHP 7 version because it wanted to provide better and enhanced features to its users.

Surely PHP 7 is a better version than PHP 5.6 and thus it has some of those remarkable features that are useful for its users among which some are:

  • Better speed – PHP 7 has worked upon its speed and has brought necessary improvement to its performance. Now codes run faster that uses fewer servers. It can serve more than one users imultaneously.
  • Increasing the bins – Bins are actually the locations where data types are stored in PHP. PHP 7 has introduced new number of bins so that multiple heterogeneous complex data can be stored.
  • Error handling capabilities – As of now, PHP 7 allows users to handle errors and exceptions with maximum ease. Using suitable codes, designers can now conduct error finding process. This will return fatal errors as well as exceptions.
  • Type declaration – PHP 7 has four new type declarations. Using this codes, one can enhance the quality of codes and results. This lets user define what result is to be retrieved.
  • Allows use of framework – PHP 7 provides various already built frameworks that let users choose any of them to enhance the performance of applications. This negated the need for creating individual application design again and again.
  • Support window system – PHP7 is a better scripting language because it is capable of supporting 64 bit windows system. This allows the use of large file with its 64 bit integer, which was not available in its previous versions.
  • Memory consumption – PHP 7 has also gone through improvement of its memory consumption. One can now find necessary codes for how much memory has been assigned to PHP script. It makes sure that suitable codes run with less memory usage.
  • Support ecommerce designing – As PHP 7 supports Magento, it is equally suitable for the creation of ecommerce portals which is the need of today. This helps users build application for ecommerce platforms.
  • Support use of My SQL – PHP7 lets designers use the deprecation of My SQL functions. It has been introduced in this version of PHP 7 so as to provide intelligent coding and helpdatabase developers.

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