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Why is Python So Popular with Web Developers?

Why is Python So Popular with Web Developers?

By: infotechalive September 5, 2020

Python has been used since many years now. It was released in the year 1999 and since then it has garnered a great deal of popularity among web developers . There are hosts of programming language, amongst which Python has gained the most popularity.

What is Python?

It is deemed to be the best of the lot when it comes to machine learning. For making it lesser complicated, designers did not give much attention towards the usage of the traditional syntax. It had been created in such a manner that that it could be used for creation of different data models and websites. App development also becomes possible by using this language. There are a host of libraries which makes Python a fast and dynamic programming language.

Reasons for its Popularity

Easy to Learn – Anyone can learn this language in a short span of time. It is a general – purpose language. The clarity in the syntax is one of the major reasons behind its popularity. An amateur developer can also understand this. It puts more stress on natural language. It being an easy language to learn, it has gained significant takers.

Easy Accessibility to Documents – This language has been present since quite a long time now and thus there are various tutorials and guides available easily. New developers and learners can access a wide range of documents. They can upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Building a Developers’ Community

The ample time it got helped Python to grow adequately. Thus developers, from beginners to professionals, have developed a community and get solutions to their problems easily.

Corporate Sponsorships

Python has the backing of Amazon Web Services, Facebook and Google too. Google has been working on it for developing different applications.

AI, Big Data and Machine Learning Usage

Python is being used dominantly in Big Data. Maximum amount of research and development happens with this. Since the performance offered is fast so this language has various takers. Python serves a huge purpose in the field of Cloud Computing as well.

There are many more highly useful features with Python. To know more, connect with us and use its multitudes of benefits.

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