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Why ReactJS is Gaining More Popularity Than Angular JS?

Why ReactJS is Gaining More Popularity Than Angular JS?

By: infotechalive August 4, 2018

In recent years, the interest of users in ReactJS and AngularJShastremendously increased. It is a framework that is required to establish in an organization for an effective JavaScript system. Both of them are highly used these days because they are capable of meeting business needs. Even though both ReactJS and AngularJS have gained popularity and have been selected as the most appropriate and vital technologies, they both differ from each other in various aspects. There are certain things that make them different from each other.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a popular open source JavaScript library collection that is used widely for building user interface. There is also a community of individual developers and corporations that keep on contributing to this library with their knowledge. It is designed to provide true help for creating easy and suitable web apps with minimal coding. With ReactJS, developers can create wonders with apps that run fast and are engaging as well as rich in terms of designs. One of the major advantages of using ReactJS is that it can break down complex development model for developer and helps them focus on individual components. It is equally suitable for development of single page application and mobile applications.

Some features of ReactJS:

  • It uses JSX which is simple JavaScript that allows quoting HTML tag syntax for easier coding and development.
  • ReactJS supports native libraries that let building of enhanced architecture for applications of iOS, Android and UPD.
  • It works with properties flow down process that letspass a call back function with the help of modification.
  • React creates aVirtual Document Object Model that helps building an in-memory data structure cache. This renders only those components which were actually changed.
  • ReactJSprovides declarative views which let developer identify codes easily and also enable them to make it predictable to debug.
  • ReactJS is a component based language that helps build encapsulated components. This helps app manage own state.
  • While using ReactJS,developers can create new features on their own without restricting themselves to existing codes only.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript based web application framework that works as an extended HTML. It is managed by Google and other communities of developers. It provides a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It helps developer meet all those challenges which they faced earlier for single page web application development.It provides a perfect combination of HTML and JavaScript that can help you create a new framework of syntax and codes for development.

Some features of AngularJS:

  • AngularJS extends the functionalities of HTML that help developers create development framework faster.
  • It is supported by MVC architecture, which makes it very easy for developersto develop and test coding.
  • It provides the feature of dependency injection that enables developer to have better control.
  • It also provides data binding functionality that helps them reduce the time which they were spending in writing the same codes again and again.
  • It supports directive and expression filters that help developers to modify data before presenting it to the users.
  • Angular supports expressions which let developer manage the data with the useful and already built templates.
  • It provides a framework within which developers can easily create, read, update and delete.

Why ReactJS over AngularJS?

Even though AngularJS is popularly used by millions of developers all around the world, ReactJS is still a preferable and better choice when compared to Angular JS. This is because, ReactJS comes with easy to use and simple templates that are reliable and trustworthy for developers when compared to AngularJS. Even when AngularJS provides a supportive library for code creation and generation still React JS is preferred widely because it helps developer understand codes easily without any complexity that exists within AngularJS.

With this, ReactJS is preferred over AngularJS because it comes with SEO friendly approach, which is a major need of today’s development. One of the major factors why it is preferred is its newer versions that Facebook keeps on launching to keep it updated for its developers. React JS makes it easy to use and apply JavaScript which can help in rendering the best possible performance with amazing development. There are various factors why ReactJS is gaining more popularity than Angular JS:

  • It is simple – Unlike AngularJS, ReactJS uses simple java script which makes it very easy for professionals to mix HTML with JavaScript. ReactJS is easier to use.
  • It is basic – Just the basic knowledge of ReactJS is sufficient for creating better coding.
  • It supports reusability – ReactJS is easy to learn and it is never essential to apply same codes always. One can bring in necessary innovations which make it easy to apply. It provides facility of reusability.
  • It increases performance – It helps build concepts of dependency which,in turn, helpmodules with greater performance.
  • It allows testability – ReactJS helps create applications that are easy to test. With this, it is also possible to manipulate the existing state ofapplication codes which is little difficult with AngularJS.
  • Data binding architecture – It allows building application architecture that contains components.

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